Firle Waxwing (singular)

Having only just blogged about the Lewes Waxwings, a nice surprise for me on Christmas morning – one finally turned up in the village.*

Trilling softly (how amazingly useful it is to get tuned in to that call) the single bird was sat in a tree in the garden of Firle Stores (the Post Office).

At times I couldn’t see its bill moving as it called, so either it was a ventriloquist or there was another one nearby. It hung around a while before ducking into a fruit tree; as I moved on up the road I heard it again, presumably as it shifted to another garden. It hasn’t been seen or heard since, though the weather’s been largely rubbish and I haven’t been much in the village.

There are few berry-laden bushes in Firle, as far as I can tell, so we may be hard-pressed to increase our tally this winter – worth keeping ears open though.

* I edited this first line, as it read as though the Waxwing had been doing the blogging. Put it down to overindulgence.



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