Lewes Waxwings

Waxwing, Bombycilla garrulus

The arrival of Waxwings in Lewes had been anticipated for a while, given the numbers spreading southwards, but it hasn’t been until the last few days that any have settled down in one place and allowed themselves to be appreciated.

A group of seven birds are pretty reliable along Mayhew Way, just north of Tesco. We managed an all-family twitch of this obliging lot yesterday morning – the above is a nice shot of one of them by L Prevost.

Good luck if you go looking for them. Merry Christmas!

*Update 30/12/2012*

One of the birds has coloured rings on its legs. According to Tony Cross, an ornithologist in Wales: “This is a first winter bird and was ringed on 1st December 2012 at Newtown College, Powys, one of exactly 100 birds we have caught this winter in mid-Wales (don’t get them here very often!).” (via SOS sightings page)


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