1 April 2012

Hebrew Character

Warm, sunny days and signs of early spring all over: this Hebrew Character is early on the wing (typically March / April) and the first large moth to land up in our bathroom this year.

In the park, the Teal have departed, as have the vast majority of winter thrushes, though groups of a few dozen have been over the village in the mornings, emerging from their roost (I think in the Plantation).

The Green Sandpiper lingers along the stream, and the pair of Grey Wagtails (which can be truly elusive in the late winter) were seen again yesterday, heading towards the stream from the Long Pond. Where will they nest this year?

Linnets illustration by John Gould

Linnets by John Gould

At least three Blackcaps have set up in the village over the last week or so, joining the Chiffchaffs which preceded them by about ten days. So far they’re the only summer visitors, unless you count the Linnets that turned up again a couple of weeks ago – we’ve hardly seen any this winter.

A Raven flew low over Crossways, croaking as it came, on 30 March, and a Yellowhammer was singing close to the A27 nearby on the same day. One usually holds territory here, but I’m still amazed he manages to little-bit-of-bread-and-no-cheeeese successfully against the noise of the traffic.

A couple of pairs of surviving Red-legged Partridges have set up territory, one along Chalky Road and another along Mill Lane near Glynde.

And as the temperature dipped today, a couple of Siskins heading North over the village were a further reminder that summer isn’t quite here yet.

[Aside: it was a couple of years ago to the day that an Osprey flew over me in the car. Best I could manage today was a Sparrowhawk, and it wasn’t for the want of looking.]


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