At last, Med Gull

I looked over the usual flock of 150 or so gulls in the Park just now, through the drizzle. No surprises; only a few Common Gulls mixed in with the Black-headeds.

But having walked another couple of hundred yards I looked back and saw that the flock was bigger, and that, finally, there was a white-winged one amongst them.

I’ve been watching out, in a fairly low-key fashion, for a Mediterranean Gull ever since I moved to Firle. I saw them with the Black-headeds when we lived not far away at Alciston. And I’ve always assumed that we have them in the parish fairly regularly, given the huge number of gulls that pass overhead between the Ouse and Arlington Reservoir, as well as the wintering group in the Park.

But it’s taken seven years, on and off, to clap eyes on one. Even through the rain, at a distance, this adult bird, moulting into summer plumage, was lovely.

Hardly less impressive, there is a flock of over a thousand winter thrushes in the Park too, feeding in the Lambpool (field adjoining the Decoy Pond) which has been spread with muck in the last few days.

The majority are Fieldfares, but Redwings (and with them Starlings) number in the hundreds too. At least one of the Redwings was singing.

Yesterday, four Teal and one or two Green Sandpipers were flushed from the stream.


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