Hoopoe illustration by John Gould (1804 - 1881)

A HOOPOE turned up in Glynde on Saturday, the first local record for decades.

It’s been seen over the last three days in the northern end of the village in various spots, but favours the steep grassy bank adjacent to the main road, running from the Old School House up to the church.

After a fruitless attempt to see on Sunday morning, I caught up with it late afternoon with the kids. It was feeding a few feet away from us in the grass until we flushed it, when it disappeared in a flurry of pied wings over the hedge.

I’m hoping some patient villager or visiting birder will get some photos of this bird, and if so that I can post some here….

My next most recent Hoopoe (and the only other one I’ve seen in Britain) was a bird that wintered in Barnstaple in the 90s. It was poking about in the old railway sidings near the train station. This one has better taste.


3 thoughts on “Hoopoe

  1. Hi Charlie!
    I am so envious of the children in my class who have been telling me about it landing in their gardens! I’m going through to a meeting at Ringmer Community College this afternoon, so will keep one eye on the road and one eye on the bank! Hopefully, with these strong winds, he might get blown over to our side of the A27 :0)

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