Spotted Flycatcher

Spring enters its final phase – this morning, the first Spotted Flycatcher of the year.

It was singing from a favourite perch, the Scots Pine opposite the Post Office, before being pushed off by a Mistle Thrush. It escaped towards the churchyard, where in previous years this bird, or a predecessor, has held territory all through to the summer.

The church’s newly-managed glade next to the road is particularly helpful for flycatchers – tall perches, plenty of space for aerial sorties and wildflowers down below to attract insects.


4 thoughts on “Spotted Flycatcher

  1. Welcome back to blog-land Charlie!
    Do you come out of hibernation when the first Spotted Flycatcher appears?
    It’s great to know a perch that the bird comes to each year, but very sad when it doesn’t reappear. I’ve yet to see “our” usual perch occupied this year.

  2. Thanks Steve, nice to be back!

    I had a reminder today that blogging can have unexpected offline consequences – as I walked the dog at 7.45 this morning, I ran into two birders who were enjoying the flycatcher during a brief detour to a day’s birding at Beachy Head!

    Sorry to hear yours hasn’t rematerialised yet, hope it’s just delayed….

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