Green Sand, Peregrines and Snipe along Glynde Reach

Along Glynde Reach (North of the bridge) this morning there was no sign of New Year’s Eve’s Bittern. Fortunately some of the more interesting local birds were there to compensate.

Eleven Common Snipe were flushed from the sedgiest field, while three Buzzards and a Sparrowhawk wheeled above.

Up on the central levels towards Ripe there were no waterfowl, but what sounded like plenty of Wigeon and Teal, and some geese, calling from the hidden clay pit along the way.

A pair of Peregrines were found along the fences in the open fields, with little but corvids and a Kestrel for company.

Coming back down the Reach, the local Green Sandpiper put in a brief, bottom-flashing flyby.


1 thought on “Green Sand, Peregrines and Snipe along Glynde Reach

  1. Thanks for the info. I am a regular visitor to your excellent website. Although I am in Lewes I haven’t checked out Glynde Reach before. Could you help with a couple of queries please? When you say ‘north of the bridge’ are you refering to the bridge in Glyde (station) or the Beddingham road bridge? Also, I can’t locate any paths across the fields on the map so did you see those bird from the small road that runs from Glyde village to meet the A27 at Ranscome Farm?

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