New: Firle winter walk route added

A guide to a winter’s walk around Firle just added to the site

Birds not guaranteed; Harveys’ Best reliable at certain times of day and night.



3 thoughts on “New: Firle winter walk route added

  1. I’ve loved all these updates through 2010. Bit of a beginner when it comes to bird watching but I’m making a good start with regular walks around Firle.
    Think I might have seen an owl at Newhaven Fort yesterday evening?

  2. Lovely website but am writing about the winter’s walk around Firle which I tried the other day. Followed directions easily enough to the junction with the S D Way. Then, though, you say “head west” to the trig point and, later, bear left to go “back down the escarpment”. Don’t know where the trig point is but if you go west and turn left you’re clearly not going back down the escarpment but down the dip slope away from the escarpment towards Newhaven. So – please re-assure me and my sense of direction by saying that it should have said “head east”. I want to do this walk on Saturday with some friends so it would be nice to hear back by then. I live in Kingston in a roughly comparable area but you have more trees and more birds in Firle. Have never ever seen marsh tit (or brambling (no beeches here) and snow bunting just once – in 16 years. We do have little owls though and a few corn buntings.

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