Reverse jinx Red Kite

Left the house this morning saying I wouldn’t be late back (I’m always late back) because there are no birds to distract me at this time of year.

Well, the reverse jinx gods were listening in, because 10 minutes later I was watching a Red Kite drifting over the Old Coach Road.

While no longer rare here, to see one is still a pleasant surprise. This one was attended by two incredibly persistent crows (vel-crows?), as it sailed over Firle Plantation and then back across the track, disappearing out of view as it headed towards the village.

Between that point and Beanstalk, there were a few Bullfinch-y noises coming from the Pleasure Gardens (young birds?), a definite young Chiffchaff very close along the track (and a fleshy-legged counterpart that may have been a Willow Warbler) plus Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Meanwhile back in the village a Coal Tit has started singing again, after an absence of two months or so. Recently relieved of parental duties, perhaps?

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