The tail of The Ram Herring Gull – no end in sight

I see lots of Herring Gulls in Brighton. Yes, I’m pretty observant.

But in Firle, as noted previously, we have a pioneering, partially-feathered fellow that I have particular soft spot for.

Having not seen him (her?) for a few months, it warmed my early-morning dog-walking cockles to see the Tail-less One raiding the bins at The Ram on Tuesday morning.

Unlike its ballsy Brighton contemporaries, who will fly only when it looks like you’re about to kick them in the face, this one is gratifyingly wild in its behaviour (if you ignore, for a moment, its propensity for the pub’s rubbish).

It invariably flies before I get a decent photo (thumbnail above offered as evidence), and then spends the next few minutes circling around the Park and cricket field, cackling in territorial fashion all the while. In the coolness of the early morning, before the A27 has wound up, it’s a great, evocative sound.

I don’t particularly want Herring Gulls to colonise Firle. But if this charismatic one-off wants to stay on, that would be just fine by me.


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