Hummer, juv Spot Fly, and one that got away

Swallow at Middle Farm, June 2010 by SheffieldPenguin

Plenty of young birds around Firle over recent weeks.

Chalky Road is host to a good mix of juvenile finches – Gold, Green, Chaff and Linnets.

Nuthatches have performed their usual mid-summer reappearance, and can be heard all around the centre of the village, for the first time since early spring.

Rarity is often relative, and on 8 July Paul S had a possible Firle mega – a mystery warbler that was probably a Reed feeding in his garden in the afternoon. Yes, don’t all twitch at once.

Alas, attempts to pin it down drew a blank, but Paul had some consolation in the form of a newly-fledged Spotted Flycatcher alongside an adult (in almost exactly the same spot as mine last year, though a full three weeks earlier this time).

When I joined Paul later on for stakeout, a Hummingbird Hawkmoth nectaring on newly-planted red valerian was my first of the year.

And this evening, Paul had a Peregrine over the centre of the village, and a good July count of around 60 House Martins at Place Farm. This healthy crew bodes well for the late summer build-up of local birds supplemented by migrants – a good chance they’ll top 300 in August?


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