Glynde Reach

Belated report about an ill-advised trip the weekend before last, along the scratchiest possible route up the Reach from Glynde Station.

A Lapwing was in the sedgy field over the road from the train station, as Kevin B had mentioned. It called and circled madly as if territorial when I passed, but no second adult or young birds were seen.

Along the Reach a Reed Bunting was still ‘singing’, in as much as they do, and Reed Warblers carried food low over the water.

A mixed bag of geese was mainly made up of Canadas, including a dozen or so young, but also a couple of Greylags – greater numbers of which tend to prefer the stretch up by Beddingham roundabout.

There were also a dozen Marbled Whites here, and a blue damselfly that I photographed far too poorly to ID after the event. Distant over Glyndeourne, a Buzzard soared.

When the brambles and nettles finally forced me to turn back, I retreated over to the Beddingham side of the station, where there was a Yellowhammer singing from the same spot as in April, and where two Little Owls briefly called in a moment of mid-day madness.

Over on Caburn, a Kestrel hunted it favourite stretch, while on the bank of the Reach, a largish grass snake was disturbed from (almost) underfoot – warm enough by now to move with some zip.


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