Where to see a Yellowhammer around Firle

This spring I think I’ve heard more Yellowhammers around Firle than ever before. There aren’t many close to the village, but they’re sprinkled along the escarpment and elsewhere. You can often hear one singing right beside the A27 at the junction with Mill Lane, if that’s the kind of place you like to hang about.

Yellowhammers around Firle, Spring 2010

Anyway, I can never remember year-to-year how many territories there are, so gawd bless Google Maps for giving me an easy way of plotting them.

The map above shows places where I’ve heard one singing in the last couple of months – in most cases I’ve heard them more than once in the same spot on separate occasions more than a week apart, which means they can be counted as ‘probable breeders’ if you go by the BTO rules.

I’m sure I’ve missed others – perhaps around Charleston, Middle Farm and along Wick Street for example. Given how badly they’ve done in recent years it’s good to have a few about.


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