Bullfinch + bad photos

Took an early walk to Beanstalk and back, while a smoky sea mist clung to the escarpment like some great damp gargoyle.

Weirdly, I’d been wondering only yesterday how long it had been since I last saw a Bullfinch in Firle – six months? a year? – and voila! this morning there was one in the hedge just south of Place Farm.

Just a male seen and not calling much, so presumably no female in tow. Too much to hope that she was sitting on a nest nearby?

Swallows at Place Farm - zoom lens or imagination required

Otherwise quiet again – the Lesser Whitethroat singing over at Beanstalk, a Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding on the wooden paddock fence, exactly as it was on Monday, and a pair of Mistle Thrushes stalking the paddock itself.

The Kestrels were still busy screeching at each other in the Pleasure Gardens, with a Treecreeper proclaiming its territory with more subtlety.

Map happy

I’ve recently been getting overexcited about Google Maps and the multifarious clever things you can do with them. The example below isn’t especially clever, but it is rather useful – mapping bird territories, and helping people find the exact spot if they like.

I presume this can be persuaded to autogenerate grid references for the purposes of telling the recording folk too.

This map plots the four Treecreepers I’m aware have held territory this spring. All still singing the feathery songs on occasion, for anyone who wants to go have a listen.

Treecreeper territories around Firle Park 2010


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