Firecrest at the Pavillion

While walking the dog just now, I was just wondering whether three Feral Pigeons would be the highlight of the list (I’m not being that snarky – I don’t see them very often here) when a male Firecrest popped out of a yew tree by the cricket field.

It flitted around at close range before moving along the woodland edge behind the pavillion.

This is my first in Firle for three years, and comes as a Spring wave of them hits Sussex (see the SOS recent sightings page). It’s cliched to name Firecrest as your favourite bird (and of course having a single favourite is silly), but they are magical creatures, and I’ve had a special thing for them ever since I found one in the compost heap* back at my parents’ house in Kent.

Still no Chiffchaff here, but after a Firecrest who cares?

* wasn’t really *in* the compost heap, it was in twigs hanging over it, but that spoils the mental image.

One thought on “Firecrest at the Pavillion

  1. It’s good to see so many firecrests this month – hopefully more will breed here.
    I also saw one in/over our compost heap, and as there are likely to plenty of bugs around, it ‘s sensible of them.

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