Firle after the snow

My first snow-free walk around Firle for some time this morning, and none of the excitement of last weekend. But along the Coach Road near Beanstalk the presence of both game cover and unploughed stubble fields has pulled in some good birds – namely Yellowhammers, Skylarks and Reed Buntings (which can be locally scarce). Only small numbers were heard and seen (ones and two overhead at various points) with no view of a main flock if there is one, but still – worth a return look before the winter’s out.

Also in the area, a covey of four Red-legged Partridges, plenty of Common Gulls and a couple of flyover Great Black-Backed Gulls. Heading back through the Park, more gulls, two Mistle Thrush, and three Cormorants over.

In the afternoon at the cricket field, a calling Goldcrest was a welcome sign that at least one has made it through the freeze, and as the light dipped a smattering of Fieldfares and Redwings came through low overhead on their way to roost.

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