Ravens in the mist

Happy New Year!

In the absence of any shots of today’s glorious weather, here’s a murky number from a couple of days ago. Chin chin!

Downland at Firle Plantation shrouded in mist

This misty morning on the escarpment by Firle Plantation saw a couple of Ravens grunt their way through – probably frequent visitors to this bit of Firle, but the first time in a while I’ve seen any in the parish.

The game cover nearby was, well, providing cover for game, mainly Pheasant, but also one or two Red-legged Partridges, and some smaller fry too: Chaffinches, Goldfinches, and a few Yellowhammers. Still no Woodcock in the Plantation or along the hedgerows, despite my best efforts.

Not much else of note, but the last paddock on the right as you head down to the village along the Old Coach Road was alive with boids: at least twenty Chaffinches (where’s that Brambling gone?) and four species of thrush.


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