Snipe in the playpark

A surprise this morning while walking with the children in the snow – a Snipe flushed from the playpark (near the cricket pitch), where it had been foraging in leaves. It landed nearby at a water trough, and later flew to a soggy bit of Firle Park, where a spring has melted the snow.

You may have to take my word for it that this heavily cropped mobile picture is of that Snipe. But it is.

This is the closest I've seen one to Firle village – the last couple of days have seen a few records of them (and of Woodcock) in odd places elsewhere in Kent and Sussex, as often happens when we have snow.   


3 thoughts on “Snipe in the playpark

  1. Ha! I have to admit, we crept up on it with mobile in hand, because I wanted to show the kids – a bit mean to have flushed it twice, but the snow’s melting so it seemed to have an increasing number of options 🙂

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