Brambling at Place Farm

With heavy rain until about 10 yesterday, I was late walking the dog, but it seemed to coincide with all the birds starting to get busy after their own delayed start.

Walking up Bostal Road, a gaggle of about 30 noisy Canada Geese – that included one noisy Greylag – flew off the Downs and over my head. Away from the Decoy Pond in Firle Park, Greylags aren’t that common South of the A27.

Feeding groups of Chaffinches were noticeable in a couple of places, including where the bales stacked at Place Farm; and there, making nasal noises from atop a small tree, a Brambling – my first of the winter, and the first stationary one I’ve ever seen in Firle (I usually just catch them going overhead). A Grey Wagtail brightened the puddles on the road nearby

As well as the handful of Fieldfares that have taken up residence around the back of the allotments, quite a few have been moving through in recent days – including one flock of 85 West on Friday. Meanwhile a small party of Redwings, which had apparently been sheltering in a yew opposite the Post Office, decided to make their escape all of a sudden as I walked back into the village.


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