Escarpment, 5 Sept

Another circuit of the the dry valley just west of the bostal road this morning, this time in perfect early autumn sunshine. It yielded:

Spotted Flycatcher 1

Willow Warbler 3+

Red-legged Patridge 2

Common Buzzard 5+

Linnet several, including 1 juv.

Green Woodpecker 1

Also a big falcon seen distantly over Firle Plantation – either a wild Peregrine or a falconer’s bird.

The farm buildings opposite the beginning of Chalky Road held two Little Owls basking the strong sunshine.

Meanwhile, my new-found confidence in identifying young Sparrowhawks on call alone took a knock when I realised today that it’s Buzzards at the base of this valley that are making the noise I had recently identified as Sp’hawk. After a few weeks of hearing very similar plaintive calls (a kind of ‘kee-yew’) both here and near the Ram in July and August, I finally saw a Sparrowhawk flying over the village making the call a couple of weeks ago.  I thought that clinched the ID, and assumed two Sp’hawk nests, one in the centre of the village, and one between Chalky Road and Littledene. Now I’m not so sure…. Can anyone tell me how to separate these calls?


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