Early bumblebee

A weekend of bug life. The number of these, which is (I think) the Early Bumblebee (Bombus pratorum), was impressive. They particularly like this purple geranium, of which there are three largish clumps around the garden suddenly in flower.

This moth, unfortunately, was freshly dead when I found it on the kitchen floor. Looking through Waring, it looks most likely to be some kind of Sallow, or perhaps a Delicate, but nothing looks exactly right (perhaps because this specimen is bit sorry). *UPDATE* Jacob Everitt kindly informs me this is a female Ghost Moth.

Yellow moth

This long skinny wasp got trapped in the kitchen for a while on Saturday afternoon.

Wasp sp

And this False Widow Spider appeared from the back of a fridge we’d been keeping in the outhouse. Nice shiny abdomen, missus.

False widow spider


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