Red Kite over Firle

Paul had a Red Kite circling over Firle village at 12.25 on Thursday, before moving off west.

Another moving through, or do we have a bird hanging around at the moment?


2 thoughts on “Red Kite over Firle

  1. Hi Charlie

    I looked out the window at about 12:20 today (working hard as usual) and saw a Red Kite over Church field in Glynde.

    My first thought was “That buzzard is unusually low” (it was about tree-top height), then I thought hang-on that doesn’t look quite right, saw the tail and realised what it was.

    It seemed to be inspecting the field, looking for food I guess, and moved down to the allotments before I lost sight of it.

    The first sighting for me around here.

  2. I’m jealous – seems a lot of people in Glynde are seeing Red Kites at the moment. Thus far all I’ve managed is a ‘probable’ from the train…

    Saw a Peregrine circling fairly low over Glynde this morning. Great to see so many more raptors around.

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