Around the cricket field

A spring-like afternoon, before the wet hit this evening.

The endless tag-team antics of the Long-tailed Tits were in evidence near the play-park, where a discontinuous chain of 19 birds were counted at one point.

In the horse paddock beside the tennis court, one of the local Mistle Thrushes was playing musical statues in the usual style, while a few Redwings and Fieldfares passed overhead (funny how they seem to prefer feeding on the other side of the village).

In the dead trees behind the cricket pavillion, what had  started out in the morning as an intriguing could-be-that-lesser-spot piece of weak drumming seemed to have morphed into a typical, echoing Great Spotted Woodpecker – lovely to hear nonetheless.

Finally, the regular partially albino Jackdaw was hopping around with its mates, looking for all the world like it was still defrosting after last week’s snow.


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