Decision on the Firle Glaucous Gull of 2007

Interesting to see in the latest SOS Annual Report that a gull seen in Firle Park on 1 April 2007 has been accepted as a Glaucous Gull.

Given the incredible scarcity of large, white-winged gulls in Sussex, particularly inland and away from water, this is almost certainly the same bird I saw over the village on 14 March.

Ironically, although I was certain of the ID at the time, I chickened out of officially submitting the record because I’d neglected to note down the bird’s crucial features – like the colour of the eyes, legs and bill. I got worried that I’d actually seen an albino bird of a commoner species, or perhaps an Iceland Gull.

But a couple of weeks after my sighting, on 1 April, a contributor to the SOS website reported a probable Glaucous from Firle Park – presumably the record that has since been accepted as a definite.

So, remarkably,  Glaucous Gull makes the Firle list after all, despite my neglect of my notebook.


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