Great Grey Shrike and geese

A Great Grey Shrike at Glynde, seen first yesterday and again today, around 400m east of Glynde Bridge, in hawthorns next to the Reach. The first local record for – how long? Many years, perhaps?

Also, nearby on Glynde Levels, five White-fronted Geese and 30 Golden Plover seen today, by Alan Kitson and Miou Helps (via SOS).

December is usually one of the quietest months in the birding calendar. It usually only livens up from Boxing Day, when more birders get out in the field.

This year, the combination of Christmas holidays and a sharp cold snap on the continent is producing some good finds. I’m not sure the shrike’s appearance can be attributed to harsh weather, but the geese appear to be part of an influx in recent days – with three Tundra Bean Geese turning up on Lewes Brooks and others (as well as more White-fronts) being seen elsewhere in south-east England.


3 thoughts on “Great Grey Shrike and geese

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