Yellow Wag

Curious conditions over the last couple of days – almost an absence of weather, with uniform grey skies and temperatures that barely change from night to day.

This morning my first Yellow Wagtails over the autumn were heard (but not seen) flying over Chalky Road. In previous autumns, one or two appear to have hung around in the paddocks at Place Farm – either that or there’s been a steady trickle.

Hirundines are still very prominent – again, I can’t decide whether the 200+ above the village in recent days are mainly the results of local breeding success or heavily supplemented by migrants.

On Monday morning at the cricket pitch there was an unusually large gathering of Swallows (50+) hawking over the field and adjacent parkland. A few were even sat on the turf. Around the cricket pitch perimeter, a Willow Warbler briefly broke into song, and Jay and Treecreeper called, while four Grey Herons poked around the horse field.

Still waiting for a few scarcer migrants – perhaps a Redstart of a Pied Flycatcher. Oh to be at Cape Clear today, where there’s Yellow Warbler, Northern Waterthrush & Solitary Sandpiper. It’s not even September yet.

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