Safari Britain, 19 July

The wind kept the first part of the Safari Britain walk virtually birdless, but it livened up later on.

First up was our reliable Wren, just up from the campsite. Invisible Woodpigeons called from the treetops and a few anonymous birds (possibly Nuthatches and Blue Tits) called indistinctively but refused to show themselves.

Out on the escarpment, several Meadow Pipits were jumping in and out of the grass and the sound of our other reliable singer, the Blackcap, drifted up from the strip of woodland below.

Cutting down towards the Old Coach Road, a more sheltered stretch held more birds – Chaffinches, Greenfinches and Blue Tits were diving an out of the bushes, and the Blackcap could be heard more clearly.

The hedgerows along the Old Coach Road itself were busier again. At Beanstalk, Great Tit, Blackbirds and Carrion Crows were all active around the yard, and a Treecreeper called briefly.

A couple of Goldfinches flew overhead and perched momentarily, allowing views for some; then a smart male Kestrel, sitting with its back to us on a barn roof, allowed everyone a look, as we headed back to the campsite.


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