Finally made it up Chapel Lane in Lewes, which climbs over the Cuilfail Tunnel onto Caburn. It’s an amazing spot. You look down over the river, the railway land and the town, giving you the chance to see birds of prey from above, and Little Egrets following the Ouse.

Yesterday, on a warm morning in early July, there wasn’t much activity, but Blackcaps, Whitethroats and Chiffchaffs called from around the meadow, and Marbled White butterflies flicked through the grasses.

Given the birds that pass along the Ouse Valley and over Caburn, this could be a great place to see something unusual. Last spring I saw what was almost certainly a Goshawk passing over the eastern side of Lewes – paerhaps from this vantage point the ID would have been clinched.


2 thoughts on “Cuilfail

  1. Charliue,
    I was pleased to discover Mount Caburn this weekend, on a perfect clear sunny day.
    On the way, at the Firle turning off the A27, a large brown raptor flew into the trees….it looked a bit big for a buzzard and seemed to have straighter wing like a harrier.
    Are you hosting buzzards in the village? Or anything else?

  2. Yes, I must get out onto Cabrun more often – especially for the flowers and butterflies.

    We do have resident Common Buzzards – a couple hang around close to the A27, between the road and Firle Park. They’re quite often visible where the view is more open, around the village turning.

    Not aware of any other large brown raptors in the area right now, though of course I’d be pleased to hear otherwise šŸ™‚

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