Cuckoo at Glynde

No sooner has I moaned about it, a Cuckoo (the Cuckoo?)appeared over my head at Glynde Station this morning. Remind me to moan more often.

Cuckoos in ever-so-natural poseAbout the same time, a Little Egret flew over the village toward Glynde Levels, and Whitethroat, Long-tailed Tit and Swallow were all highly visible from the bridge.

There’s now a rather jealous-making account of Saturday’s Bee-eater sighting at Southease on the SOS sightings board.

Apparently the bird was seen rather well (if briefly) as it headed north-east over the Downs at 2.55pm. At that precise moment, I was in Beddingham – which incidentally lies just north-east of Southease.

I wonder what I was doing when it flew over my head? [sobs into keyboard]


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