Osprey at Arlington

Here come the big spring guns. An Osprey reported at Arlington Reservoir (per SOS site) for five minutes yesterday morning.Osprey, courtesy of rwkphotos

I don’t seem to have much luck seeing these great birds, but with the burgeoning population in Scotland (and elsewhere) they’re now reasonably common on passage through Sussex.

A stiff neck craned upwards should be rewarded, eventually. They’re also one of the few birds it’s arguably just as easy to see over town – in Brighton, uproar amongst the gulls sometimes gives one away.

Plenty more signs of spring on Saturday, before the snow arrived: Garganey on Lewes Brooks, Bluebells at Glyndebourne, Cowslips at Glynde, and Blackthorn out, well, everywhere.

And last night at an ungodly hour while driving through Lewes: a Badger right by the road, feeding on a lawn in the orange glow of streetlamps. It was unfazed by my gawping at it from just a few feet away in the car.

Osprey image by rwkphotos


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