Snow Bunting and ‘mystery falcon’

One Snow Bunting reported again today at Bo Peep (per SOS website). Interestingly, two more were reported from Fulking Hill near Devil’s Dyke on Saturday.

A mystery bird of prey at Bo Peep has been arousing some discussion on the SOS site too. Apparently a large, brownish falcon has been seen by several birders this autumn, and the species that seems the likeliest candidate is a Saker – even larger than a Peregrine, and a bird regularly kept by (and escaping from) falconers.

I wonder how many escaped raptors there are hanging around on the Downs? Over just the last couple of years I have heard of people losing Red-tailed Hawk, Gyr Falcon and ‘an eagle’ in the local area, and this time last year we had a vulture hanging around for several weeks.


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