Six Kestrels

The highlight of an afternoon walk between Firle and Beanstalk on Sunday (25th) was a good count of Kestrels – one male in the usual tree behind Place Farm, two hunting just below the Beacon and one near Heighton Street. Added to the two seen beside the road coming from the Beddingham side earlier in the day and that’s a likely total of six birds within the parish boundary.

Common Gulls seemed to have built up, with one loose group of around 35 on the fields near Place Farm and another similar-sized group towards the Beacon. A Buzzard over the Beacon itself was briefly zapped by a small, slim-looking falcon which disappeared before giving away its identity.

A covey of six smart-looking, presumably shoot-reared Red-legged Partridges at Beanstalk lightened up one ploughed field, and back in Firle village just before dusk the usual roving tit flock (shouldn’t that phrase be trademarked?) was loudly making its way along The Street. Difficult to make out exact numbers, but at least half a dozen Long-tailed Tits, the odd Blue and Great and a couple of Goldcrests seem to be involved in this group.


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