Brambling etc

Highlight today was a Brambling flying over Firle Park. Not a rare bird, but they can be difficult to pin down. There’s plenty of likely habitat to attract them (game cover must be a draw), so perhaps later this winter there will be a chance to see one on the deck, where it’s easier to appreciate them – structurally so like the Chaffinch, but as if they’ve been coloured in by a moody goth rather than a watercolourist.

The range of gulls around the village has expanded, with Common Gulls joining the fray behind Place Farm today and a stream of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls over the village earlier in the week. Morning and evening passage of (mainly) Herring Gulls, presumably going to and from Arlington Reservoir, is noticeably heavier too, and combined with the noisy pre-roost flocks of Rooks, forms a real spectacle in the late afternoons.

A few other typical birds today included a Buzzard circling over the park with perhaps two others mewing over towards Glynde, an unusually showy Jay along the Old Coach Road, and several Meadow Pipits and Skylarks overhead.

Meanwhile, sightings at Glynde Station recently have included Grey Wagtail and Coal Tit, and some impressive movements of hundreds of Woodpigeons.

Not far away, a Black-necked Grebe reported at Arlington Reservoir and a Snow Bunting at Seaford Head (per SOS site), both yesterday.

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