The Month in Birds – June 2007

Or: birds beginning with ‘w’. On one day in mid-April, two Willow Warblers sang in Firle village (behind the Ram and opposite the shop), but not since.
A paddock behind Place Farm held a Wheatear late one afternoon, the same day that Whitethroats suddenly materialised at the allotments and subsequently in almost every hedge along the A27 (wind down a window while stuck in traffic and hear their short, scratchy song).

A single Whimbrel flew over Firle Beacon early on 5th May, ‘whinnying’ as it went. A week later (spoiling the ‘w’ theme) I saw my first Swift over the house.

The nature reserve near Firle school is proving good for a variety of birdsong. It may be modest in size, but you stand a good chance of hearing Blackcap, Goldcrest, Treecreeper and Nuthatch there. All of them should be vocal until at least mid-June.

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